Nov 242013

Hey guys,
I’m so, so sorry for not updating during my time in Los Angeles. Or well, I did, but I didn’t mention to tell you everything. I just simply didn’t have the time. I was having so much fun that it was impossible to keep up with it all. I woke up, got ready, went out and did stuff, then I got home and went to bed and the day repeated like that until I got home. Also, during this time I had 3 days being super sick with high fever and ache which made me not being able to function. But all in all, Los Angeles was amazing and I love it so much. I think I love it just as much as Tokyo, if not (dare I say it?) more! I had such a wonderful time and I will be back there for sure. That’s a promise I made to myself. I also promise to make a big post about my trip to LA one day where I write what I did and so on.

But for now…

I decided to take a break from the blog. I can’t keep up with it and I really don’t feel like writing much at the moment. I just end up going to my blog, thinking that I will update and when I try to write a new post, nothing comes out. So I’m gonna pull back, relax and take a pause until this block is gone. Also, I have other stuff to do, and I’m busy with life and finding myself at all that. It’s not farewell though, I’ll be back shortly, maybe even sooner then you think. At that point, I think I’ll be able to write really good and fun posts, and keep it up a few times a week, instead once every month. I’m also planning to later do a new blog and combine three things I love, fashion, make up and gaming. Hopefully I can start it out next year.

What I might update, is my site with songs and covers. Just check it out if you wanna (buy clicking on the big ‘MUSIC’ button). For now, I bid you good day and I’ll catch you guys later.

Happy early holidays and stay safe, everybody!


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